Have You Ever Experienced a Tunisian Spa?

Have You Ever Experienced a Tunisian Spa?

A calming wave rolls over those entering the hammam. Each guest is greeted by brilliantly subtle tile-work and ornately-sculpted columns that meet the majestic archways above.

The staff at the hammam are a truly dedicated set. They’re committed to the quality of their craft and are often people of very few words. They usually choose to let their handiwork speak volumes instead.

Upon arrival, each guest pays a minimal fee at the hammam and is presented a fouta to use for the day. This fee translates to about $1.50 or $2.00 USD.

First comes a leisurely twenty minutes in the steam room to sweat out toxins and saturate in moisture. Each guest reclines, breathing in the thick, warm air while both feet calmly soak beneath them in a basin of water. This slow and mellow beginning introduces the mind into the right environment for complete relaxation.

Once muscles and tension have loosened, guests move on to be stretched by the hammam staff. Each muscle is gently pushed and pulled to release any tightness remaining. This ancient, alternate method of massage is a testament to the tradition of the hammam.

Stretched and limber, guests are introduced to the kessa scrub to follow. Hamam staffers vigorously apply this course black soap scrub head-to-toe to refresh the skin and leave it buttery smooth for days to come.

After the final wash down, to remove any remnants of the exfoliation treatment, guests are toweled dry with their fresh foutas and presented with a traditional, Tunisian-style sparkling apple cider to conclude their revitalizing experience and walk away feeling better than ever.


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