Welcome to paradise.

Welcome to paradise.

Welcome to paradise.

A sparkling jewel on the Mediterranean Sea, it’s a land of endless, golden coastlines and turquoise blue water. Date palms rustle in the sea breeze as tanned couples stroll hand in hand beneath them. A fascinating blend of ancient ruins and cosmopolitan cities, this paradise has something for everyone.
As the sun sinks low, making the ancient sandstone buildings glow with orange fire, come to the souks. The bazaars are designed to stimulate all of the senses with their merchandise. Here, you are immersed in the smell of exotic spices: coriander, cumin, cinnamon and mint. The sound of the vendors calling is like soft music in the air. For
the hungry are the mouthwatering flavors of tagine, harissa and couscous. Feel the textiles, rugs and shawls as soft as the night air on the skin. The streets are lined with crisp flags and an array of colorful lights. They beckon to you, inviting you to
explore this paradise and see all that it has to offer.

Welcome to paradise, welcome to Tunisia.

The northern most country in Africa, Tunisia is known for many things. A diverse culture with a warm hospitality, it is famous for savory olive oils, seafood and especially its textiles. Tunisia has been producing silk, cotton and linen fabrics since the 8th century. A vibrant country of Roman, Berber, Ottoman Turk and French influences, each culture has brought something new into the mix. The result is a fascinating blend of ideas and techniques resulting in textiles that are practically pieces of art. e are excited to present to you one of the most versatile fabrics of all, 

the fouta.

The fouta. Not just an ordinary towel, the fouta is a wonderfully versatile fabric steeped in the history of Tunisia. From the early days of the Roman baths in Carthage to the bathhouses, or hammam, of the Turks, the fouta has been in constant use. The French were one of the first European nations to become enamored with the fouta, eagerly importing the fabric in the mid-19th fouta can be found in places like the dazzling French Rivera and the couture houses of high fashion. Fouta use has since spread rapidly and is now an essential piece for a day at the beach, pool, sauna or spa.

Your fouta will be handcrafted out of highly absorbent, fast drying, 100% pure cotton. This Egyptian cotton is known for actually becoming softer the more it is laundered! The fouta is a thin, lightweight fabric perfect for a wide variety of uses
such as a wrap, shawl or sarong. Being of large size, typically 100 cm X 200 cm, it is wide enough to wrap easily around the body for coverage. However since it is thin, it can be effortlessly packed and does not take up as much space as a regular towel.
Take your pick of bright, vibrant colors or soft, muted pastels; fouta are available in a variety of colors and patterns sure to suit any taste or décor. Its uses are truly endless; fouta has been used as a yoga mat, picnic spread, tablecloth or even just as
a decorative blanket or throw rug. The special touch of fringe on the ends will
identify your fouta as authentic

Here at Monia Fouta we are dedicated to bringing the quality and craftsmanship of Tunisia into your home. e are confident that you will be 100%
satisfied with your new fouta, each one is personally guaranteed by us. we know how much Tunisians love their fouta and are sure that you will also adore yours for many years to come.

As this night in paradise winds down, you step out onto the balcony of your hotel, wrapped warmly in your fouta. The white walls of the building shine in the moonlight. The cobalt blue of the rooftops matches the brilliant color of your fouta.
The warm, night air brings in the scent of the sea once more. This is paradise. This is Tunisia.


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