The Most Versatile Item You could Own.

The Most Versatile Item You could Own.

The Most Versatile Item You Could Own

Tunisian cotton foutas have transcended time, keeping their rightful place in the home and spa due to their unique balance of beauty and versatility. Aside from the obvious role as a traditional, more romantic version of the modern towel, foutas take on an endless array of additional uses.

Foutas are wearable fashion.

As a shawl or sarong, they can elevate a simple, neutral look with texture and detail. Adding a contrasting­colored fouta to a dress, classic ‘jeans and tee shirt, or swimsuit can enhance the depth of an outfit in an unexpected and exciting way.

In the boudoir.

A fouta with some metallic accents lends a little something extra when it’s draped over a standard headboard or lain out long­ways across the foot of the bed or ottoman. When folded, they offer a more interesting alternative to the accent blanket, peeking out from under your assortment of pillows and throws.

Foutas always have a seat at the table.

Picture your entire family sitting down to the delicious Sunday brunch spread you’ve provided: a brie and asparagus frittata, smoked sausage and sun­dried tomatoes, along with waffles and every topping imaginable. Everything is laid out perfectly across a brilliant blue and white cotton fouta with vibrant, yellow sunflowers as the standout centerpiece.

Life's a picnic.

Packing a lightweight fouta along for a day at the beach or a picnic in the park is much more convenient than the bulk that comes along with a conventional blanket. Plus, their distinctly Mediterranean appeal will elevate your experience, bringing along its own sense of causal, effortless luxury.

Accent decor and more.

Rolling or folding different colored foutas into sets stuffed into pots or baskets add eye­catching color to that space that was always lacking. Use them around the pool or draped across a decorative ladder in your study to complete the room.

Whatever the use, foutas are a platform for boundless creativity and have that extra little something to make your everyday experiences all the more engaging.


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