Get familiar with the popular fouta.

Get familiar with the popular fouta.

Get Familiar with the Fabulous Fouta

Foutas (pronounced “foo­tah”) are the reminiscent symbol of mediterranean spas and relaxation. Both men and women wrap themselves in these traditional, multi­purpose towels when sauntering through the variable steamy and dry­heat sauna rooms in the turkish spa, or hammam. Upon entering, the fresh scent of these clean linens confirms the hammam is the leisurely epicenter of culture, casual luxury and community.

In Tunisia, as well as other mediterranean countries, foutas are a staple of the local culture. The word “fouta” is Arabic in origin, simply meaning “towel”. Available in a brilliant array of colors and styles, they’re frequently used within the home as well as worn as a sarong. Also quite popular in Europe, particularly France, they’re often souvenirs from the previous summer’s holiday spent in the sun.

Monia Foutas are manufactured locally in Tunisia from pure Egyptian cotton and are available in local shops in Laguna Beach, California, or shipped straight to your doorstep.

The Story Behind Monia Fouta...

Brought to you from Sidi Bou, Tunisa, Monia Foutas bring a story traveling with them about founder Mondher el Ouaer and his mission.

Mondher, or “Mo” as he’s affectionately called along the promenade of Laguna Beach, California, created Monia Fouta for two purposes. The first is to introduce the American culture to Tunisia and the second is to honor his mother, Monia, whom he named the company after.

Mo’s foutas are locally manufactured in Djerba, just south of his hometown of Sidi Bou, where he was born and raised until age fifteen. It was then he moved to France where he began learning how to earn a living.

Then at nineteen, he was finally able to pursue his American Dream and moved to San Francisco. He stayed there for five years before heading south and finally falling for Laguna Beach, an area he directly parallels to Sidi Bou, Tunisia.

For Mo, Laguna with its inviting beaches and small town charm, instantly became his home away from home. Here, all the locals know Mo, who also works hard at a privately­owned restaurant and bar in the heart of the downtown. His friends have even dubbed him the “unofficial mayor”, since he can hardly walk a block without running into a familiar face. He’s the guy famously known for his foutas and for making everyone around town feel right at home.


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